Top 5 Baseball Batting Cages Near Me

Facing trouble to get prepared for the next baseball game? Don’t worry, we brought in the most suitable batting cages for the job.

Where To Buy Baseball Batting Cages Near Me?

Nearby sports shops are loaded with lots of available options. But still, you can manage top-quality cages on online platforms.

Top 5 Comparison Chart

PreviewProductDimensionMaterialHolding SystemSpecial Feature
fortress baseball batting cageFortress Baseball Batting Cage12’ x 14’HDPP + Mesh6’ TiesOverlocked Edges
power alley batting cagesPower Alley Batting Cages12’ x 8’NylonFiberglass PolesSteel Ground Stakes
fortress trapezoid batting cageFortress Trapezoid Batting Cage14’ x 10’PP + MeshSteel TubeBraided Edges
galileo baseball batting cageGalileo Baseball Batting Cage12’ x 10’PolymerSteel PipesLightweight Netting
fortress ultimate batting cageFortress Ultimate Batting Cage10’ x 10’PP + MeshSteel TubeAdditional Spikes

As you already know, there are significant differences from model to model. You better maintain a balance between required & available space. Construction netting & solid support are also important. The best batting cages 2020 should feature excellent weatherproof capability. In the end, you’ll have to take the budget into account for sure.

Our Full In-Depth Review

Fortress Baseball Batting Cage

fortress baseball batting cage

Simply improve your skill level for the next baseball game with Fortress. The specific design combines elite performance with superior durability. Its impressive construction lets you practice baseball & softball.

Expert craftsmanship enables incredible resistance towards heavy impacts. There are 12x sizes available to meet your field requirements. Unrivaled environmental protection allows year-round use. Thanks to the integrated ties, you can easily attach the net to cages.

Features and Benefits

Premium HDPP Net Twine

High-quality materials impart greater durability to withstand the test of time. The construction uses top-class #42 grade HDPP (Polypropylene) net. Also, it features a sturdy 45mm mesh to induce further steadiness.

Superb Weather Protection

The entire framework develops high resistance to outdoor environmental facts. The 100% weather-resistant net barely undergoes any damage. It comes with UV treatment to prevent any issue over long sunlight exposure. The net is completely rot-resistance & therefore, you can leave the cage outside.

Effortless Cage Assembly

Of course, the one-piece design requires no time to make the assembly. It includes integrated 6′ ties to ease the task. For the best part, you can make the attachment by yourself. It barely calls for any extra help.

Available in Different Sizes

The different expert level requires variable cage size. And there are 12 different sizes available for you to make the choice. The length differs from one size to another but height & width remain constant all along.


  • Durable with year-round uses.
  • Superb resistance to weather.
  • High-quality PP net with mesh.
  • Simple to attach with the cage.


  • No specific door system.
  • The package excludes poles.


Overall combination triggers outstanding serviceability throughout your baseball career. Once set, you have nothing to worry about its longevity.

Power Alley Batting Cages

power alley batting cages

Become a great baseball hitter staying home with the Power Ally cage. You don’t have to waste time chasing & finding the ball anymore. Its revolutionary design includes high-end premium materials to ensure superior durability.

Fiberglass pole, steady netting & solid ground – everything in one piece. Its reasonable measurements require less space without compromising your necessity. Innovative simple assembly barely costs you any significant time.

Features and Benefits

Highly Supportive Netting

The cover ensures maximum sturdiness with thick netting. It measures 1.25″ in the effective diameter/thickness to impart higher tolerance against heavy impacts. The ball barely gets to tear apart the surrounding nets over time.

Suitably Compact Dimension

It is not necessary to chase or find the ball in an open field. The construction measures 22’L x 12’W x 8’H to require a convenient backyard space. Its compact yet smart designation lets you hit the ball over & over again. You can spend 94% time hitting to make further 250+ pitches.

Fiberglass Rodded Arch

Its built-in unique fiberglass pole enables superb strength & support. The solid arch becomes reasonably flexible to withstand the outdoor environment. Additional steel ground stakes induce consistent frame stability for your practice.

Revolutionary Set Up Type

Thanks to the practical design, the cage encourages an easy-to-use performance. The poles let you enjoy a quick & hassle-free assembly. You can easily set up the frame in your backyard & even disassemble it within minutes.


  • Superb constructional strength.
  • Built-in pitching system harness.
  • Sufficient structural flexibility.
  • Quick, rather simple assembly.


  • The frame seems to lack agility.
  • Frequent tangling to screws.


It’s possibly the ultimate backyard cage to improve your batting efficiency. You’ll receive the satisfaction against its relatively cheaper price.

Fortress Trapezoid Batting Cage

fortress trapezoid batting cage

The complete Fortress Trapezoid Cage set lets you perfect the batting style. Its exclusive design is ready to give ample practice space. The sturdy construction features weatherproof ability, withstanding year-round uses.

Thick tubing, commercial netting with mesh imparts optimum serviceability. Superb stability enables the system to work on surfaces like concrete, grass & tarmac. From the inside out, it’s a choice for stylish players.

Features and Benefits

Top-Quality Cage Netting

Likewise, Fortress Trapezoid also features #42-grade netting. An additional 100% rot-proof mesh of 45mm size imparts excellent serviceability. Even the edges feature braided roping to ensure solid resistance to impacts.

Highly Stable Framework

The frame includes heavy-duty steel tubes of 32mm in diameter. It initiates higher stability on any flat surface. You can use the frame on concrete, tarmac & of course, grass. Durable powder coating on the exterior surface resists rust, corrosion & scratches. The robust corner connectors always maintain a steady joint.

Great Weather Resistance

The entire construction is ready to withstand all the outside rigors. Bright sunlight, heavy rain, high humidity – nothing is likely to create problems there. You can comfortably leave the structure in the backyard.

Quite Extended Versatility

You can choose from 3 different sizes for the trapezoidal cage – 35′, 55′ & 70′. Its stylish design suits any pro baseball training field. And the installation is rather simple without help.


  • Superb quality brimming.
  • Incredibly good stability.
  • Powder coating for the steel.
  • Fully braided rope edging.


  • Poles feel somewhat cheap.
  • Difficult to get a full swing.


The cage gets you prepared for the game in the backyard or training field. For the money, the hitting tunnel is undeniably worth your investment.

Galileo Baseball Batting Cage

galileo baseball batting cage

Improve your overall skill level in hitting baseball & softball with Galileo cage. Sufficient durability against sturdy built makes it one preferable choice. It’s the most convenient cages you can affordably get in the market.

The innovative design easily fits any backyard, park, or training field. Excellent dimensional measurements let you assemble the system anywhere. A higher level of safety allows 4+ years of kids to start pitching with joy.

Features and Benefits

Incredibly Practical Design

The model comes with a simple framework design. But still, the system remains highly practical for outdoor practice. Its double segment imparts a great outlook on any backyard or training field.

Supportive Steel Piping

Unlike any other, the supportive holding system features a unique facility. Instead of a solid steel tube, the frame includes steel pipes. Not to mention, each pipe measures a satisfactory 16mm diameter. Aside from excellent flexibility, the pipes ensure sufficient strength.

Reasonable Practice Space

The batting cage has a rather compact size. Its dimensions measure about 22’L x 12’W x 10’H only. Despite the smaller size, it gives ample space for you to hit the ball. Thanks to fewer space requirements, the cage easily fits the home backyard of any size.

Simple & Easy Assembly

Assembling the whole structure is easy with an extra pair of helping hands. Going through the instructions, it’s simple. You can easily disassemble the system for quick storage as well.


  • Lightweight built for compact size.
  • Reliant & safe steel pipe support.
  • Outstanding design to gift relatives.
  • Simple assembling mechanism.


  • Instruction is hard to understand.
  • Unsuitable for competitive athletes.


Unless you’re going for competitive baseball matches, you’re good to go. It’s one affordable option for any hitter of beginner or intermediate level.

Fortress Ultimate Batting Cage

fortress ultimate batting cage

Professional brimming of Fortress Ultimate Cage makes it one perfect assistance. Its superb quality simply promotes your performance in the field. There are 4 different sizes available to suit your needs.

The entire weatherproof construction is ready to serve you for the full year. Also, premium netting ensures optimum action against high impact loads. For the included steel poles, there are spikes for added stability.

Features and Benefits

Premium Netting Materials

It features a top-quality # 42-grade netting with 48mm mesh. The craftsmanship includes 2mm HDPP netting. The design is ready to take in all the fierce strikes easily.

Highly Supportive Structure

Despite the same width & height, the length is available in 4 different measurements. And integrated 40mm steel poles hold the entire system. Additional 8″ spikes encourage its stability on the ground. Thanks to powder coating, the steel barely gets affected by deteriorating agents.

Full Resistance to Weather

The featured materials ensure maximum protection against harsh outdoor conditions. Its construction remains highly resistant to rot. Aside from UV protection, the solid structure experiences no rust or corrosion.

Unparalleled Cage Usability

Excellent versatility prevails with the included adjustable guy cords of PVC coated steel. The hitting tunnel sits easily on any backyard or training field. It requires no special process to assemble the system. Even disassembling the cage is easy for storage.


  • Outstanding stability & endurance.
  • Simple design for high functionality.
  • Perfect choice from different sizes.
  • Completely weatherproof structure.


  • Poor guiding explanation.
  • Not exactly straight poles.


Simplicity here delivers the development of performance for any baseball enthusiasts. For beginners to intermediate batters, it’s possibly the ultimate choice.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Batting Cage

How do batting cages help?

Using batting cages let you develop the expertise rather quickly. You can continuously make swings for hours. It requires less effort in finding or chasing balls. Therefore, your time gets saved to make an increased number of shots. Also, it lets you enjoy a targeted batting practice with precision.

How much does a batting cage cost?

The price is never the same for the models. It largely depends on cage size & specific features. Considering our top picks, the price range is quite wide to take into account. You’ll find it as cheap as $149.99 which can go as high as $1499.99.

How many square feet is a batting cage?

Batting cage space requirements is somewhat a difficult estimation. The outdoor ones come in lots of different area measurements. For backyard or normal cages, space can go as high as 1500 square feet or so. The length is variable in most cases whereas width remains within 10′ to 20′.

What size batting cage do I need?

The required size is dependent on user preference, skill level & available spaces. But for standard, you can consider a 70’L x 14’W x 12’H size. It’s a beneficial dimension to suit both left & right-handers.

How much space is needed for a batting cage?

It’s concerned about the ground condition. You’ll have to consider the available space size. You better settle down for compact cages when the open ground is limited. For a more rectangular-shaped backyard, you can’t go for very long ones.

What the speed of pitch in batting cage?

Pitching speed varies by manufacturer specifications. It somewhat lies within a wide range to make the decision. Not to mention, you can get 48kmph/30mph for softball. But baseball pitching speed can reach up to 140km/90mi per hour.

How fast is very fast in the batting cages?

When the speed reaches 75+mph, you can call it very fast. It’s a standard for the beginner or intermediate level. Anything 90 mph seems pretty fast for any batting cage.

Final Verdict

While making the purchase, it’s always important to invest in the right one. And our article should help you to find the best baseball batting cages with ease. All you need is to match your requirements with our aforementioned picks. Then you’re all set to improve your swinging & pitching skills.