What Is The Best Baseball Game For Xbox One 2021

Xbox is the fastest and easiest way that a gamer can find a game with good graphics easily online where on the other hand we can’t find every game we want to play in stores or markets.

What Is The Best Baseball Game For Xbox One 2021

In the recent pandemic, online game is being quite popular among people. We have reviewed the popular one for your help.

Top 5 Comparison Chart

PreviewName Of GamesRatioCompletion TimeGamers
rbi baseball 20RBI Baseball 202.201,096
rbi baseball 19RBI Baseball 193.5612-15 hours743
rbi baseball 18RBI Baseball 184.72927
rbi baseball 17RBI Baseball 172.9460-80 hours574
rbi baseball 16RBI Baseball 162.5460-80 hours1,151

When buying a game try to gather some knowledge about it. Before buying make sure that what is new in the game. When it has been launched and where? Know it is licensed or not? Ask the price range of the game. Who is on the cover of the game? Thus you can choose what is the best baseball game for Xbox one 2021.

Our Full In-Depth Review

RBI Baseball 20

rbi baseball 20

RBI Baseball 20 is the most updated version of Baseball gaming. If you are a newcomer, this series is much enjoyable. Increase your game experience by RBI Baseball 20. I think this game will arise from your expectation. Just pick it up and enjoy your baseball game.


  • Amazing sound feature.
  • You can focus on the action quickly.
  • Restored panels work as a treat.
  • Very streamlined game.
  • Perfect for a new player.
  • New Soundtrack and players.


  • The overall content is not properly managed.
  • Lack of game mode.
  • Little pricy.
  • Addicting for young players.


With brand new batting, running, and fielding controls, also having all the modes of Franchise, Exhibition, Multiplayer, and Homerun Derby can be an addicting game for you. If you are comfortable with the present price, you should try it out.

RBI Baseball 19

rbi baseball 19

It is the previous update of RBI Baseball 2020 with some bugs in motion And also not much addicting with the gaming world. But for new players, it may be an easy option for a baseball game.


  • Seems to be an old school arcade game.
  • Good graphics.
  • Contains all the team and player.
  • Including legendary players 4 legend teams.
  • It has a home run derby mood.


  • The players moving animation seems like an Atari game from the ’80s.
  • In the case of Fielding, you can’t dive or showboat catch.
  • Not so satisfying.


If you are comfortable with the prices and features of newly added rendering player faces and also a fan of certain legendary teams, this can be a good choice for you with a cheaper rate.

RBI Baseball 18

rbi baseball 18

RBI Baseball 18 contained some bigger updates than before. Although it was not a satisfying game for that time but for new players or children it may be a good option to get a game cheap for them.


  • Players have real faces.
  • Some Players have their real batting stances.
  • The new model name franchise has some upgrades.
  • Graphics are improved.
  • Cheaper than other games.


  • Not a very good baseball game.
  • Commentary has not been added.
  • Not follows the baseball principles accurately.
  • It has a disturbing miss-matched when it comes to the rendering of real players and visuals.


As the review of this game from the players is not so good. You should think twice about purchasing this game. As much updated one is available on your hand. Despite being cheap, it does not have any other good reviews to describe.

RBI Baseball 17

rbi baseball 17

This game named RBI Baseball 17 was updated only with names. Although it is a decent arcade game. But has rarely something to compare other games in markets. It’s not a good choice to buy to plate this version of the game.


  • For that time it could be a great alternative to MLB.
  • Quick game.
  • Suitable for players that play for short periods.
  • A match normally takes 20 minutes.
  • Easily a child can understand the game.


  • Not good at graphics.
  • Not much update from the 2016 version.
  • You can’t control fielders smoothly.
  • The ground hit balls incredibly difficult to catch and throw.
  • Players Rendering is not up to the mark.


Reviews from the players are not good enough to encourage you to play this game and spend your money after this game.

If there’s a comparison between the 2016 and 2017 versions then I would rather say to plate the 2016 version rather than this one. As there are no differences between the two versions but price.

RBI Baseball 16

rbi baseball 16

As a third edition of the MLB baseball series, RBI Baseball 16 was released. Having a sufficient rating may be a good game for beginners but not for professionals.


  • It is a true arcade game.
  • A basic and simple game having buttons to control.
  • The gameplay is fun.
  • It was good in color and players for that time.


  • The rendering was not so clear and smooth.
  • The player’s faces were not clear.
  • The principles of this game were rarely be followed.
  • It is Voiceless.
  • There’s no commentary.


Easy for the children and also less costly. But as it is the very first previous version of 2020 baseball so if you want to play with good graphics and features then you should play the updated version.

Although it is a basic game for baseball players and easy to control everything with two buttons.

Final Verdict

Now you know what is the best baseball game for Xbox one 2021 and choosing it is also very easy enough now. If you are a baseball game lover and also an Xbox owner.

You can play the most updated one that has been released in 2020. It is much updated from all the versions. Despite having some cons it is the best baseball game for Xbox players until now.