Top 5 Best Baseball Hitting Tee Of 2021

Have you been failing to connect the ball with the bat recently? Don’t worry. We have a solution that will surely solve your problem.

Where To Buy Best Baseball Hitting Tee Near Me?

A hitting tee will develop your gameplay, but you have to choose the right one. That’s why our review might be essential for you.

Top 5 Comparison Chart

PreviewProductWeight (lbs)Length (inches)Unique FeatureBest for
jugs t - pro style batting teeJugs T – Pro Style Batting Tee1024-46 (adjustable)Prevents slippage of the upper tee stemAdults
macgregor baseball batting teeMacGregor Baseball Batting Tee1320-40 (adjustable)Can be used in any weatherTrainee players
tanner baseball hitting teeTANNER Baseball Hitting Tee1026-43 (adjustable)Hand-rolled flex topAdults
easton deluxe batting teeEaston Deluxe Batting Tee8.627-36 (adjustable)High stabilityAdult and youth
jugs hit like a pro hitting teeJugs Hit Like A Pro Hitting Tee10.321-37 (adjustable)Easy to transportChildren, adults, and youth

Not every tee is suitable for your practice. While buying a batting tee, always check the material of the tee. Because tees that are made with low-quality material breaks easily. Also, remember to check the portability. And don’t forget the height of the tee because each of the best baseball hitting tee 2021 must have an adjustable height.

Our Full In-Depth Review

Jugs T – Pro Style Batting Tee

jugs t - pro style batting tee

Increase your skills and experience with all-new Jugs T-pro style batting tee. The JUGS has a long time experience in manufacturing Baseball equipment. Therefore, you can rely on them undoubtedly.

Their product Jugs T-pro is also an extremely durable pro-style tee. With its lightweight, remarkable stability, excellent portability, it can be a great companion for you.

Features and Benefits

Highly Stable

Stability is an important issue when you are practicing with a hitting tee. There are Many available tees in the market that comes with poor stability. So players have to use an external weight to make their tee more stable. But JUGS-T is free from this kind of stability issue. It has a thick steel base which adds sufficient stability. As a result, the tee can stand still even after a thousand strikes.

Flexible Top

The JUGS T-pro has a helix-like-hand-rolled tee top which will help you to hit the ball more consistently at every strike. That’s why practicing with JUGS T-pro will give you a more realistic experience. Eventually, you will be ready for the big matches.

Adjustable Length

At the real match, not every ball will come at the same height. So it will be best if you practice striking balls of different heights. The JUGS T-pro batting tee comes with an adjustable height. It enables you to practice within 24 to 46 inches of height.

Easy to Transport

The manufacturer used a patented grip-n-go handle to ensure easy transport. Besides, it easily fits into any travel bag, so you won’t find any problem in carrying it.


  • Outstanding balance.
  • No extra weight is needed.
  • It has a very reasonable price.


  • Not suitable for youngers.
  • It is a little heavy.


The new JUGS T-pro has all the features that can be very helpful at your practice session. So if it meets your budget, you should give it a try.

MacGregor Baseball Batting Tee

macgregor baseball batting tee

If you want a top-quality tee on a limited budget, then MacGregor can be a better option. This world-class batting tee comes at an affordable price.

Remarkable durability, increased stability, and use of rubber as the construction material made it one of the best hitting tee on the market.

Features and Benefits

Robust Built Material

When buying a tee, the very first thing that you will always look for is the material of the tee. That’s where MacGregor is a winner. This batting tee is built with sturdy rubber components that provide exceptional durability. So if you want your tee to last long, try buying the long-lasting MacGregor batting tee.

All-weather Design

Many available batting tees get damaged at too hot, too cold, or in rainy weather. It happens because of the poor design of those tees. To remedy this problem, MacGregor came with an all-weather design that made it compatible with any weather. So now you don’t have to stop your practice in any situation.

Suitable for Players of All Ages

It has an adjustable hitting height that ranges from 20 to 40 inches. It is indeed a great feature. Because of the adjustable height, children, youth, professionals everybody can practice with the MacGregor batting tee without facing any difficulties.

Solid Metal Base for Increased Stability

Without proper stability, you won’t be able to practice efficiently with your tee. That’s why Macgregor used a solid metal base with their tee. As a result, the metal base works as extra weight for the tee and gives better stability.


  • Easy to transport anywhere.
  • Great adjustability.
  • Reasonable price.


  • It is quite heavy.


Durability, easy assembles, easy portability, stability, and other essential features are perfectly balanced in this tee. So, why don’t you make it your new practice partner!

TANNER Baseball Hitting Tee

tanner baseball hitting tee

The Tanner company has been building tees for over 25 years. You can rely on their experience undoubtedly.

Their product Tanner tee is suitable for every level of baseball and softball. Because of its easy portability and remarkable performance, it has gained the trust of many players, in a short time.

Features and Benefits

Sturdy Construction

You may think, “since I can get plastic tees at a lower price, why should I buy them with more money?” Let us clear your confusion then, the Tanner Tee is such a tee in which you get what you pay for. It comes with an adjustable metal stem and a nine-inch weather-resistant base. Because of its robust construction, it can continue to hold up after thousands of strikes.

Hand-rolled Flextop for Realistic Hitting

The tanner tee comes with a hand-rolled rubber flex top. When you smack the ball, it gives you the feeling of the ball, not the tee top. That’s why you will get a realistic experience even at your practice.

Comfortable Height Management

The Tanner tee has an adjustable height ranges from 26 to 43 inches. That’s why all players above ages 9, will be able to use this tee with much comfort. To make the adjustment process easy for everyone, the company used patented friction technology.

Safe and Easy to Carry

The tee has a rounded base for safe play, and also it fits well in any travel bag. So you can comfortably take it to any place for the practice session.


  • Very easy to use.
  • Long-lasting durability.
  • Easily portable.


  • A little bit pricey.


Tanner tee is indeed a little bit pricey than other available tees in the market. But the thing is, it provides unique features that other tees can’t offer. So, if you don’t have a tight budget, then you should give it a try.

Easton Deluxe Batting Tee

easton deluxe batting tee

Another best quality hitting tee that comes at a very affordable price is the Easton Deluxe batting tee.

With its lightweight and heavy-duty base, it can help you to increase accuracy, and make your swing more perfect. Let’s grab a look at the features and benefits of the tee.

Features and Benefits

Amazing Built Quality

The manufacturer used heavy-duty rubber to build the tee. As a result, it ensures proper service in any situation. Though we don’t often see manufacturers utilizing this kind of sturdy material under a low price, the Easton Deluxe anyhow managed to provide it at a low price.

Adjustable Tee Length

To make the player familiar with different height and different types of swings, the company kept the length of the tee, adjustable. You can easily adjust the length between 27 to 36 inches and try various shots. This adjustable length is perfect for youth and adult players, but children may not be able to practice comfortably with this tee.

Heavy-duty Base for Increased Stability

Stability is a significant issue for any tee. A tee with poor balance can ruin your practice session. That’s why the manufacturer used a heavy-duty base which adds extra weight at the bottom of the tee. And so, the tee remains at its place even after a thousand smacks.


  • It comes at an affordable price.
  • The tee is very easy to assemble.
  • Easton Deluxe tee is great for young and short players.


  • Because of its length, it is not suitable for more prominent players.
  • Some customers complained about its durability.


To increase your baseball skill, all you need to do is, practice more and more. It would help if you had a tee that supports you with all the essential features. In that case, there can be no better option than the Easton Deluxe batting tee at an affordable price.

Jugs Hit Like A Pro Hitting Tee

jugs hit like a pro hitting tee

You can hardly find any baseball player who doesn’t know about the JUGS. Because of their long time experience, they are well known in the market of baseball equipment.

JUGS hit like a pro is another excellent addition to the company’s equipment library. A solid rubber base, rubber construction, and easy portability made it comparatively better than any other tee on the market.

Features and Benefits

Durable Rubber Construction

The company used a hundred percent rubber construction to build the tee. Honestly, this type of sturdy and durable construction under 50 US dollars, is hard to find. But JUGS always takes extra care of the durability of their product. Maybe that’s why they used rubber material. Because of the sturdy construction, the tee can withstand constant whacks for a more extended period.

Heavyweight Rubber Base for Stable Platform

To ensure proper stability, the company used a heavyweight solid rubber base at the bottom of the tee. The rubber base adds some extra weight to the tee. As a result, it can withstand many strikes without getting displaced.

Versatile Extension Tube

The manufacturer tried to make the tee comfortable for players of all ages and all sizes. So they used a versatile extension tube at the upper portion of the tee. As a result, you can change the length of the tee according to your comfort, and also you can practice different swings.

Grip-n-Go Handle for Easy Transport

To make the tee more portable, the JUGS used a patented grip-n-go handle the tee. When you need to transport the tee, grab the handle, and the tee is ready to shift.


  • No extra weight is needed.
  • Very affordable price.


  • Not meant for high-level players.


You can hardly find any tee as good as JUGS hit like a pro, at such a low price. Every feature that is essential for newbie as well as pro baseball players are present in this tee.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Batting Tees

How important is tee work in baseball?

Undoubtedly, it is essential for a baseball or softball player. A batting tee helps you to build up a confident batting approach and swing for the real match. Practice with batting tee prepares you for the big games. So it is significant for any baseball player.

Do professional baseball players use tees?

Yes, professionals also use tees. No matter how experienced or skilled you are, there is no end to learning. The more you practice, the more skilled you become. That’s why professionals also use tees and train themselves to develop their skills more and more.

What is the best baseball batting tee?

If you want us to declare one of the best batting tees then our choice would be the Tanner Tee. Its compatibility with players of all ages, advanced technology-based structure, performance tuning, and all other features hold the ability for it to be the best tee on the market.

What size baseball bat for tee ball?

Usually, a tee ball bat starts at 24 inches, but it can also be as long as 28 inches, according to the preference of the player. But most of the players use 25 or 26 inches long bat.

Do you use a metal bats in tee baseball?

Using a metal bat in tee baseball is not right. Because, in school, college, and little league metal bats are used, but it’s not legal for big matches or major leagues. So it would be best if you practiced with a wooden bat. Because wooden bats provide better mechanics and better contact. And eventually, a wooden bat makes you a better hitter.

Where should a batting tee be placed?

Place the tee right beside your front foot. Try not to place it in the middle of the plate. Keep the lowest part of your wing directly behind the ball and then take the shot.

How far can you hit a baseball off a tee?

It depends on the exit speed of the ball. But if you are healthy and experienced enough, then you can hit a baseball almost 350 feet off a tee.

Final Verdict

Choosing the best baseball hitting tee is not a very easy task. You will have to keep several things like price, performance, portability, stability, in mind while making the purchase. You can easily choose one from our top five picks. All of them have essential features and also provides excellent performance. Choose your one today!