Where To Find Cheap Crutches For Sale Under $50

Suffering from a leg injury and wondering about bought a crutch? We are here to help you purchase the most economical crutches available. Choose your favorite crutch and order now.

Where To Find Cheap Crutches For Sale Under 50 Dollars

Here you can be shopping the top crutches available online for just 50 dollars. Simply go through the list and choose the one to your liking.

Top 5 Comparison Overview

PreviewProductWeight (lbs)Capacity (lbs)Height Range
hugo mobility crutchesBest for broken ankle: Hugo Mobility Crutches43004’6” – 6’6”
cardinal health crutchesBest for foot surgery: Cardinal Health Crutches43005’2” – 5’10”
drive medical aluminum crutchesBest for toe surgery: Drive Medical Aluminum Crutches3.383505’8” – 6’5”
pcp underarm crutchesBest for hip surgery: PCP Underarm Crutches3.53004’2” – 6’6”
euro style forearm crutchesBest for walking: Euro Style Forearm Crutches33005’ – 6’2”

Crutches are available in different sizes, types, durability. Due to this people are often confused about which one they should buy. You can go through this article and choose which one is best suited for you. Because all crutches have their pros and cons along with having different applications.

Our Full In-Depth Review

Best for broken ankle: Hugo Mobility Crutches

hugo mobility crutches

Hugo Mobility Crutches offers various features and ergonomic design ensuring maximum comfort and flexibility. Very suitable for everyday use and carry around anywhere due to its lightweight design. All of that comes at a very reasonable price and you can easily consider this as the best product for the value.

If you looking for both quality and economy this is your best bet. It offers much better features than most other crutches in the market in the same price range.

Features and Benefits


The crutches are manufactured from anodized aluminum. So, they are very light and compact and they will provide maximum flexibility. You can confidently go anywhere you like and move around like a champ.

Contoured Crutch Tips

A curved stair deflector is featured at the tips. This provides additional traction. the user can comfortably move around without having to worry about the tip sliding. A built-in metal ring is provided in the crutch to prevent premature wearing.

Durable Hand Grips

The handgrips are made from natural sponge cushioning. This allows for absorbing any impact or shock. It also provides perspiration resistance. So, it will assure maximum user comfort and make you feel lively again.

Thick Underarm Pads

The crutch features thick cushioned underarm pads. An integrated metal ring is provided as well to prevent the wearing of the pads. This ensures the durability of the pads without having to worry about damaging them.


  • Unique contoured design for Superior ergonomic comfort.
  • Very sturdy and quality product.
  • Solid and adjustable support good for indoors or out.


  • People weighing close to 300 lbs may find these uncomfortable.
  • Prolonged rough use may damage it.


This is the best product for the value. If you want a good quality product at a fairly reasonable price then this will be a perfect fit for you.

Best for foot surgery: Cardinal Health Crutches

cardinal health crutches

You will be convinced by the quality of Cardinal health crutches considering the price you will be paying. If you are looking for a cheap solution instead of spending a fortune on crutches go for it. They will serve their purpose and also in a more economical way.

These are a very decent pair of crutches compared to their price. Very good for temporary usage if you are not a permanent crutch user who needs a long-term solution.

Features and Benefits


The crutches can be adjusted to your required height and incorporate a push-button mechanism. You can simply re-adjust the crutches height to your comfort whenever you need it and move around more comfortably.

Light but Sturdy

The crutches are pretty lightweight and allow more mobility. That doesn’t necessarily compromise its durability. You will find the crutches very sturdy and carry them around for everyday use.

Easy to Assemble

The crutches are pretty easy to assemble and anyone can assemble them. It also has a usage manual shipped together it making the assembling process and usage of the crutch easier.

Durable Hand Grip and Pads

The crutches are provided with durable rubberized caps and hand grips. It will mostly withstand any wearing and last for a long time. So, they look like new even after using them for a good period.


  • Very good for short-term usage.
  • A budget product worth its price.
  • Adjustable to the required height.


  • The pushbuttons may become stiff after prolonged use.
  • The tips act like suction cups when walking over the non-textured floor.


If you need a temporary solution until you are healed and looking for a cheaper solution, you can choose these crutches for better comfort. It will do its job and save you some money.

Best for toe surgery: Drive Medical Aluminum Crutches

drive medical aluminum crutches

Drive Medical Aluminum Crutches are your best friend if you are looking for a long-term solution. Its ergonomic design and features will surely amaze you. You can easily adjust the crutches as you need and move around like a champ.

The durability and service life of the crutches will be more than what you can imagine in this price range. So, go for it if you are more into quality than value.

Features and Benefits

Heavy Duty

High-quality Underarm pads and handgrips are used in the crutches for long-lasting performance. The crutch also features a double extruded center tube which provides additional strength. So, you can use these crutches without any worries for a long period.

Highly Adaptive

The crutch has a wing nut adjustment feature for the handgrips. It also allows easy adjustment of the underarm pads with a tool-free push-button mechanism. So, you can simply adjust the crutch to your desired height for a more comfortable experience.

Lifetime Warranty

The crutches come with a limited lifetime warranty as well. So, you can rest assured about your product and keep rocking.

Thick and Latex-free padding

Thick underarm pads and handgrips are provided ensuring more durability. Those who are not a fan of latex pads will be pleased. As the product offers latex-free pads making it more comfortable.


  • Heavy-duty and durable that will last for a long time.
  • Ergonomic design assuring maximum comfort.
  • Premium adjustment features.


  • It is a bit expensive compared to others.
  • It is slightly heavier.


Drive Medical Aluminum Crutches may not be the cheapest among all, but it is still available within just a few dollars. If you are a permanent crutch user or need assistance for a long period this will be a better choice.

Best for hip surgery: PCP Underarm Crutches

pcp underarm crutches

PCP Underarm Crutches will be your best friend when recovering from a leg/ankle injury or fracture. It comes with all the necessary features of a quality crutch with the lowest budget. This one is for if you want a comfortable experience without spending much.

So why waiting? Pick up your phone and order now. It is available in different sizes to meet your requirements.

Features and Benefits

Fully Pre-assembled

It is completely pre-assembled saving you the hassle of assembling the crutch. Along with the assembled tips, hand grips, and underarm pads, it also comes with usage instructions. So, if you are not used to crutches then no need to scratch your head.

Smart Adjustability

It features a printed height scale to show proper height measurements. So, no more guessing the size when adjusting the crutches. It also incorporates a push-button mechanism for easy adjustment of the crutches allowing height adjustment in 1″ increments.

Quality Pads

Features a quality underarm pad for a comfortable experience. It is also free from natural latex rubber. Providing you with maximum comfort and prevents irritation and soreness in the underarm.


This one is lighter than most other traditional crutches. So, it will ensure maximum flexibility and freedom of movement. Perfectly suited for hospital or everyday use. Providing you with enhanced mobility but won’t compromise your safety.


  • Very Cheap but quality product.
  • Best suited for temporary usage.
  • Very light and comfortable.


  • Prolonged use may result in the loosening of screws.
  • The product sizes can be a bit confusing.


If you are not a permanent crutch user and only need it for a short period, this will be best suited for you. The product comes at a very decent price and will meet your demands.

Best for walking: Euro Style Forearm Crutches

euro style forearm crutches

Euro Style Forearm Crutches are recommended for you if you need a lower level of assistance. If you are capable of moving around without a crutch and simply need some assistance until you are healed, these forearm crutches will assure both support and style.

Its unique cane-like structure and lightweight make it suitable for both indoor and outdoor. You will feel more confident and comfortable while going out with these.

Features and Benefits

Unique Style

It has a completely different look and feels compared to a traditional axillary crutch. Its unique design will make you feel more confident and you go anywhere and on occasions. If it is the design you are looking for rather than the assistance give it a go.

Molded Forearm Cuff

The handgrips are accompanied by a one-piece molded plastic cuff. The crutches are more of a cane. The cuffs work as a support for directing the upper body pressure to the handgrips. Providing more stability and support.

Enhanced Mobility

These forearm crutches are much lighter than traditional armpit crutches. They are very comfortable to move around with and provide much more flexibility. You will feel the difference between carrying around an armpit crutch vs a forearm crutch.


The crutches can be adapted to your required height. The forearm and handgrip assembly can be adjusted to allow for personal comfort and sizing. They also provide better traction in rain and slippery surface.


  • Very light and Allows for more mobility.
  • Stylish and ergonomic design.
  • Enhanced safety and comfort.


  • Not recommended for people with compromised shoulder strength.
  • Directs the whole pressure through forearms.


Use these crutches if you require more support than a cane or quad cane and less support than armpit crutches. This will ensure better mobility and stability along with a better look and feel.

Final Verdict

We hope that this article has helped you get some ideas about where to find cheap crutches for sale under 50 dollars. We tried to provide you a list of the top crutches available in the market that are also quite economical. The crutches listed above have their perks and losses. Each having unique features and conditions for usage.

So, make sure you read the reviews properly and choose the one that will meet your demands. Open up the browser and order your favorite crutch. Go out and show the world that an injury can’t hold you down. We wholeheartedly wish for your quick recovery.