DonJoy Rebound Crutches Review

When you are severely injured, you need specially designed crutches that will provide you with maximum comfort without causing any irritation in the future. If this is the case, axilla crutches can be of great help. You may disagree and wonder how can axilla crutches will eliminate the risk of abrasion and keep you protected from soreness in the future! However, it’s true. Our DonJoy Rebound crutches review is here to prove that why it is best for long time recovery.

donjoy rebound crutches review

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These crutches nowadays became more popular than any other traditional crutches. After doing a quick research of your own, you will get to know that conventional crutches cause different unwanted problems if you are using it for a long time. The worst case is- getting your nerve damaged because of abnormal blood flow. DonJoy comes with a solution to these problems- abrasion, soreness, nerve damage, abnormal blood flow. They added a soft but durable pad to the underarm cradle and provided an ergonomic design to the grip. As a result, the injured person will no longer suffer from any nerve damages by keeping his or her hands and wrists in a neutral position.

The padded underarm cradle will reduce the risk of soreness or irritation if you are or want to use it for a long time.

Fundamental Requirements to Use These Ones

Needless to mention, the fantastic shape of these axilla crutches provides maximum comfort even after using for a long time. That’s the specialty of this DonJoy Rebound crutches apart from traditional ones. You can pull yourself quickly with the help of these crutches even from a seating position. The padded underarm foam will not split easily even after using it for an extended period.

So what are other fundamental requirements to use these crutches? Let you dive into the details.

  • The ergonomic designed gripping facility will surely help your backbone from being injured. Moreover, the handles fit perfectly into your hand.
  • These crutches come with proper durometer and with strong rubber feet. These make the crutches stable when you hit the ground.
  • The weight of each crutch is only 3.08 pounds. However, this sleek designed crutches can support up to 400 pounds each. That means the complete pair (2 units) can carry a total weight of 800 pounds!
  • You don’t need to worry about being tall or short. These crutches are available in both sizes. However, the minimum height is 4’7,” and the maximum height is 6’10”.
  • Because of the rebound ergonomic design, these crutches provide fluid motion to your walking.

Additional Features

  • Space Saving Design

These crutches have a space-saving design. It comes with a unique folding system. This folding system makes these crutches travel-friendly. Also makes it more convenient for storing a complete pair of crutches efficiently.

  • Comfortable Padded Underarm Cradle

To enhance your crutching experience, DonJoy comes with a full padded underarm cradle. This padded cradle helps to lessen soreness and even irritation while using it regularly. It also eliminates the possibility of abrasion. So you can use these underarm crutches for an extended period. Most of the axilla crutches don’t come with this feature whereas DonJoy crutches are exceptional.

  • Excellent Gripping Facility

These ergonomically designed crutches come with an excellent gripping facility. This gripping will help you to position your hands neutrally. Because of the neutral hand position, your blood flow will remain normal. Moreover, the neutral hand position will prevent you from occurring any nerve damages. It not only helps your wrists to stay in a neutral place but also keeps your wrist in the same alignment too.

  • Impact Absorbing Spring System

These DonJoy Rebound crutches are equipped with a revolutionary spring system. The well-engineered weight distribution system de-allows propelling forward during the gait period. It automatically reduces the energy required to perform that action. Moreover, when you hit the ground, you will feel the only minimal amount of impact. These minimal impact will provide quick recovery from your injury.

  • Availability of Different Sizes

These crutches are available in both tall and short sizes. You can choose according to your size. For a height of 4’7″ to 5’7,” it is preferable to use the short crutches. Also for the tall people of 5’7″ to 6’10”, they can use the tall sized DonJoy crutches. These wide varieties of sizes provide people with more options and freedom to choose according to their waists.


  • Durable design.
  • Comfortable carrying facility because of the folding system.
  • No risk of propelling forward while walking.
  • The ground impact is reducing the spring system.
  • The ergonomic gripping facility provides great body posture.
  • Padded underarm reduces irritation.
  • Available for both tall and short people.


  • It is few pounds heavier than traditional aluminum crutches, so few people find difficulty while maneuvering. However, you will get used to these crutches after using awhile.
  • Some people prefer softer hand gripping because a harder one might cause sore to the base of your palms.

Consumer Rating

Overall, these DonJoy Rebound Ergonomic Crutches are rated 5 stars by the consumer. It is great. That means people found these crutches to be useful for healing or recovery. So a lot of people rated 5-star and found it entirely helpful until now.

Though some people are a little disappointed too with these crutches, DonJoy is working consistently to improve patients experience.

Market Price

Though these crutches are available in both short and tall sizes, so the prices also vary accordingly. Shorter ones have a comparatively lower cost than the taller ones. However, if you go through the whole market, these are mid-range crutches. Within this price range, DonJoy maintains all the premium quality of this product.

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donjoy rebound crutches

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Final Words

Overall, these crutches can be your best companion undoubtedly if you are injured badly and looking for long-term crutches.

Rather than using any traditional ones, these axilla crutches will surely provide you with maximum comfort and eliminate more extended period using risks.