9 Tips for Flying With Crutches

If you’re familiar with Murphy’s law, then you know the worst things will happen when you least expect it.

If you were planning to travel and face critical injuries that render you useless without a crutch you’d curse your luck for that.

But not to worry about that because there’s plenty of ways to travel even with a crutch or two.

9 Helpful Tips for Flying With Crutches!

flying with crutches

You’ll pleasantly find out that traveling mediums such as flying have their way ready for helping people with assistive walking aids such as crutches.

Also, there are plenty of crutches that will help you travel too.

So dive in and don’t be sad about your accidental injuries and look out for how to travel with crutches effectively.

1. Air Travel With Crutches

There are a few points I want to highlight in this area:

  • As you are bringing your crutch to the airport, you may have to submit it for screening.
  • The good news is that crutches on an airplane do not count as your carry-along.
  • You can manage a bulkhead seat for your convenience. With limited mobility and the fact that you have to keep your crutches nearby, a bulkhead seat will make your journey that much painless.
  • Again, if you call ahead, you’ll get some assistance in the airport area as well. You can put a formal request for wheelchairs beforehand too. You can visit your airline’s website or call its toll-free number. Be sure to reach the airline in 48 hours.
  • Apart from the bulkhead seats, there are reserved seats for disabled passengers. You can get them based on the nature of your disability and the presence of other disabled passengers on the plane. For example, on the A319/320 I see they block 6D/E because of this purpose. However, you have to call and let them know beforehand.
  • Don’t worry about the crutches you’d bring into the plane. I’ve already mentioned screening. You may need to submit it to the swab test if the airport security is not satisfied. Moreover, a manual search is next if the swab cannot reach the target.
  • Your crutches will be stowed on the plane. You can keep it overhead if there’s enough space available. Otherwise, it goes into the closet. Ask your flight attendants to retrieve your crutch before you land.
  • Remember, timing is crucial in these things. If you are on your crutch, then it will surely take up some more time than usual cases. Try to reach your airport as early as possible.
  • Try to use the modern collapsible crutches for your trip.

2. Best Travel Crutches

Now there are options to go with your traditional crutches on a journey followed by an original injury.

However, if you’re doing this for a long time or will be traveling and will be needing the help of crutches while going to places for reasons other than vacation, then a travel crutch is highly recommended for overall comfort.

The folding crutches for traveling can be disassembled and set up again as the situation demands.

For easy mounting, you can always use an elastic band. Choosing travel crutches from this competitive market is always tricky.

To ease your things here, our experts came up with the top 5 best travel crutches around the market for your best comfort within the different price ranges. See also: Here to Buy Crutches.

3. Medication and Other Medicinal Supplies

Better not forget to take all your medicines such as painkillers or muscle relaxers with you.

Most important of them all supplies are spare rubber knots!

You are bound to run out of good rubber knots for your crutches due to traveling, and these are not easy to find at your roadside utility stores!

So be prepared for the worst. If you’re a user of fiberglass foot cast with no rubber sole, you cannot roam around slippery surfaces.

In these cases, coat your crutch bottom with thick, sticky rubber paste popularly goes around by the trade name “goop.”

4. Ask and You Shall Receive

Don’t be shy. If you need help, ask for it from small stuff to big ones like going to the restroom or crossing the road, or moving a bag.

Speaking of bags avoid any side bags and pack small. A compact backpack or belt bag and fanny pack are preferable.

Just keep your shoulder free from the extra load of gravity than it is supposed to.

Ask for wheelchairs at museums and hospitals when visiting. Moreover, treat yourself to taxi rides more than usual.

5. Look Before You Leap

The different surface requires different step strategies. Keep it as your primary concern.

Maintain the most favorable tempo you can manage.

6. Keep Your Energy Up

With your regular diet keep an extra amount of carbs such as a spaghetti carbonara, an extra piece of bread, and gelato or tiramisu for dessert.

You’ll need all the strength you can get to keep your tourist mood surging not falling to fatigue.

7. Prepare for the Worst

Planning is much more crucial when you’re rocking your crutches. A good map and a guide can take you a long way.

It would help if you kept a healthy amount of reserve time for everything. Avoid long queues.

Just standing around in crutches will drain your energy and you don’t want that on your vacation trips!

8. Companions

If you can manage, then bringing someone with you is the right decision no matter how you look at it.

A good company will help you move around in your assistive device throughout your journey.

However, more importantly, a friend can help you enjoy the scenery.

More often than not you’re bound to be depressed going on a trip while using crutches.

In such times a friend to lean on other than your crutches will go a long way.

Make sure to keep some extra time on your trip to relax somewhere with your friend, not moving around, and enjoy the noise and bustle around you.

9. Call Ahead

Reserve your hotel beforehand and let them know your condition.

Most hotels will manage a pleasant setting for your convenience wheelchairs and such.

Tip big while leaving those who’ve helped you!


If you are a travel lover, then it’s great news for you – traveling while you’re poorly injured with your crutches.

Earlier we’ve stated what things you need to be concerned about and some of their limitations.

Do check this whole information carefully before you traveling with crutches.

Happy traveling!


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