How To Make Crutches More Comfortable?

When the body gets stuck with a pair of crutches, some may find it rather acceptable than being unable to make any movement.

But the problem starts rising afterward, which induces discomfort and pain for certain body parts.

Direct placement and transfer of the weight to the crutches through arms and palms offer significant difficulty for the sufferers.

In the worst scenario, painful support may increase the problem for users to a considerable extent.

Therefore, you start to seek convenient means regarding how to stop crutches from hurting your hands.

How to Make Crutches More Comfortable?

how to make crutches more comfortable

This is why it is necessary to add up some extra gears to make the formwork more user-friendly and safe for body support.

There are many ways to make crutches more comfortable, but only a few come with reasonable suitability to meet the requirements.

The following four means are the most effective, simplest, and most convenient ones to fit the crutch to the intended user with better comfort all along.

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Using Rolled-up Blanket or Towels for Cushioning

ways to make crutches more comfortable

Among all other means to make the crutch more comfortable, the addition of a cushion to the crutch is the simplest one.

It is indeed the most effective way to make crutches more comfortable regarding home use.

Spared pieces of fabric can serve the best as a cushion for the crutches.

Even, a rolled-up towel can deliver great serviceability to make the cushion comfortable all the way.

Pushing of cushion under the crutch pad is necessary to avoid the stuffing of cushioning materials while taking off the cushion.

For the application of blanket as the comforting addition regarding crutch use, the following steps are likely to provide a convenient cushioning for the crutch pair:

  • Cut out two different suitable portions from any old blanket. The measurement may vary according to the user; standard size measures 0.9m x 0.9m (3’ x 3’) for each blanket portion.
  • Make loose rolls of both cutout pieces which should be slightly wider than the top width of the crutches.
  • Go for sticking the rolled part with the top portion of the crutch using any sturdy tape like duct/packing tape. Try to tape the blanket in a tightened position to avoid its movement while using it.

Cushioning the Underneath of Current Pads of Crutches

why does using crutches hurt so much

There are removable pads made of foam available on top of numerous crutch types. It is meant to fit the user’s arm easily.

A reasonable means to discard the discomfort from the crutches is the removal of these pads.

Stuffing the pads with cushioning materials to put on the crutch pair can certainly provide good results.

There are others available without the removable facility for the pads, and the forced installation of a cushion can damage the crutches.

Therefore, some particular crutches are not suitable for cushion, and therefore, care must be followed while installing cushion.

The wadded-up fabric holds very well to suit this purpose. But other stuffing materials like cotton, blanket from older ones can deliver satisfaction as well.

Making Investment to Install Commercial Cushion

using padding to make crutches more comfortable

There is no secret regarding the discomfort of common crutch pairs, whether it is readymade or handmade.

For various reasons, there is an established market to buy a commercially produced cushion, especially for chairs.

Some of the cushions come with sufficient convenience to suit the crutches at the same time.

The available cushions are made from breathable fabric, foam, or gel of particular characteristics.

The best part is the cushions suitable for crutches do come with great quality at affordable prices.

Not to mention, this is the simplest way regarding how do you stop crutches from hurting.

To get basic accessories for crutches, local pharmacies may hold good. But it is better to go for online shopping when quality control and convenient materials have greater significance.

Online shops come with lots of variations in size, pattern, and design. With a reliable shopping site, satisfactory accessories quality is likely to arrive.

Cushioning the Grip Portions Over Necessity

how do you stop crutches from hurting

The underarms indeed get sore when the user carries the body weight through crutches.

The problem is the palms have to support much of the weight for a proper balance and regarding placement of the crutches over the floor.

So, it is not very uncommon to start feeling discomfort and pain with the palms area while using crutches.

Sufficient reduction in this problem is easily attained through cushioning the grip bars with soft materials.

  • Cushioning the grip portion has the utmost significance when it comes to forearm crutches. In the case of forearm crutches, most of the bodyweight is carried to the formwork through hands. Without any cushioning for the grip, it can cause serious pain and discomfort for the user’s hands in no time, making the movement of the user more difficult.
  • To cushion the grip area, either commercial pads or improvised cushions like rags/ taped towels hold great. Though commercial pads are likely to deliver better performance since it allows the user to put a firm grip all over while moving with the crutches. Being available in different materials, shapes, designs, commercial pads offer lots of reliable choices to make.


As mentioned, the issue concerning how to make crutches more comfortable has several possible solutions.

The aforementioned ones are the most suitable and easier to implement to achieve better configuration, which can deliver a more user-friendly application.

For the manual addition of comforting gears, it is necessary to emphasize the material quality and user’s interest.

It is inevitably better to give some trials with the handmade additions which will certainly provide greater visualization to confront the problems.

The size, shape, design choice is likely to vary from user to user, but the convenience will remain the same.

With appropriate actions for the crutches, the support to the bodyweight will certainly become more relevant and enjoyable without delay.


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