How To Make Crutches At Home?

Crutches offer aids to a great extent to support the body weight for people having a leg injury, operation, and other disabilities.

Although you are likely to get a pair of crutches from nearby drug stores, the situation may not stand on your side in an emergency. Therefore, it is indeed important to know how to make crutches at home easily.

Using some defined pieces of wood, you can prepare perfect crutches for the body to support in a matter of moments.

How To Make Crutches At Home Using Wood?

It may take a while for first-timers, but you can get rid of searching for ready-made ones suiting your requirement with perfection.

Here go the sequential steps helping you to create the indoor production of a supportive crutch using wood.

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Step 1: Selection of Wood Having Right Size and Shape

how to make crutches
  • To make crutches, you can choose straight-grained lumber pieces that hold the best to do the job.
  • Hardwoods like oak or even softwoods like white pine which are relatively bendable can hold well to prepare a satisfactorily supportive framework.

Step 2: Splitting or Separation of the Wooden Piece

how to make crutches at home
  • You need to set apart the wooden piece so it can easily accommodate two boards measuring 1.25″ or 3.2 cm by 1.5″ or 3.8 cm.
  • The boards may come up with 66″ or 167.6 cm length depending on the intended user height and physical ability.
  • Now mark any of the 12″ or 30.5 cms ends.
  • You can go for splitting the limbs at this point down to the center lines up to the marked ends. It results in the separation of the limbs at once.

Step 3: Drilling Holes to Insert Hex Bolts

how to make crutches with wood
  • Check the end where you made the rip cut. Now drill a hole measuring 3/8″ or 1 cm diameter below that mark that has to go through 2″ or 5.1 cm center.
  • After drilling, insert a 3/8″ hexagonal bolt head through the hole with care.
  • Now make the placement of another washer, upon the threaded end before providing the nut.
  • After washer placement, carefully install the hex nut and make a snugged tightening.

Step 4: Cutting to Attain ‘Y’ Shape

how to make crutches easier
  • To have the Y shape, cutting off a wedge measuring ¾” or 1.9 cm width and 3″ or 7.6 cm is required.
  • Now push the formed wedge between the two limbs in a gentle manner which will make them spread out forming the basic shape.
  • Regarding how to make crutches at home, check out with care to ensure whether the shape is symmetrical for the Y-shaped formwork.

Step 5: Cutting the Bevel Portion

how to make crutches for yourself
  • A block of 1″x1″ with 4″ or about 10.2 cm length is to be cut. A specific sloping of 15-degree has to exist on all ends as well.
  • Now you need to bore a 3/8″ or 1 cm diameter hole through the center of the block.
  • A circular shape rather than others for the chosen block comes with better comfort and ease in holding the crutch.

Step 6: Drilling to Make a Series of Holes

how to make crutches quiet
  • Mark a center on the limbs where you want to have the grip for grabbing.
  • After marking, put the crutch end portion over the ground and then drop the hand to reach a comforting height. Using the height, pinpoint the location of the center.
  • To induce adjustable height for variable persons or interests, you need to drill a series of holes for a reasonable height range.

Step 7: Delivering Push to All-Threaded Rod

how to make crutches easily
  • Get a 3/8″ all-thread rod and push it through both limbs along with the grip.
  • Now, place flat washers and make a reasonably tight nutting for each bolt end.
  • You have to cut out the portion of the rod going beyond the nuts and make proper polishing for the outer side.

Step 8: Necessary Trimming

how to make crutches for a person
  • Mark the height at which limbs require shortening through a trial by the person to use the crutch in the desired position.
  • The excess portion of the limbs is to be cut or trimmed.
  • Make sure the trimming doesn’t result in unevenness or shortening of the essential section.

Step 9: Creation of Steps

how to make crutches quieter
  • Steps are the last ones to add to complete the formation of the crutches. For creating sturdy steps, you will need two wooden blocks.
  • The block should measure 1.5″ or 5.1 cm square having a length of 7″ or 17.8 cm.
  • Limb ends are to be connected through nail and glue with notching of 0.5″ from the terms and 0.5″ depth to induce the steps.
  • Sufficient nailing needs to be perfect to hold the complete formwork all the way.

Step 10: Rough Surface Smoothing

make crutches
  • In the case of the wooden piece, the smoothing of the rough surface is required to eliminate the difficulty to grip or hold.
  • You can go for polishing of the exterior to eliminate surface unevenness to introduce a pleasant view.


A crutch provides self-support during injury or over disability. Meanwhile, wood is an available material with lightweight things to carry, handle, and work with.

Knowing how to make crutches with wood, you can make the perfect pair during emergencies or the unavailability of suitable ones.

You can get rid of troublesome searching for the fitting pair of crutches with trials after trials and judging your comfort.

Making one for the first time is likely to end up with errors and imperfections. But it won’t take time to make the perfect one suited to support the body.

With your hand-made support, you can get to enjoy self-satisfaction along with better comfort.


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