16 Side Effects Of Using A Cane!

If you are using a cane for a long time for mobility purposes, then you are sure to feel potential complications from using a cane.

You will feel different side effects, It is important to learn about those complications to take better care and not to overuse the cane.

16 Most Common Side Effects of Using a Cane!

side effects of using a cane

There are several disadvantages of using a cane which arise as side effects and cause aching pains in different parts of our bodies.

These side effects can make our lives uncomfortable and difficult.

And sometimes those little side effects can even lead to bigger problems.

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1. Muscle And Joint Pain

Using the cane for a long time will eventually cause muscle and joint pain.

And if you are using the cane using the wrong technique, that is bound to cause aching pain in the muscles and joints.

Severe joint pain in our bodies can greatly affect the quality of our lives.

You can do exercise and at-home treatments.

2. Pain In Neck

There will be definite pain in the neck if you using a cane incorrectly or even using the wrong unsuited cane for you.

Pain in the neck comes mostly due to bending down more often.

If the pain is too much, it is suggested that you should go for a checkup.

3. Pain In Shoulder

Pain in the shoulders can also be attributed to using a cane incorrectly or using an unsuitable cane for your height & build.

Short canes will require you to bend down too often.

These reasons cause pain in the shoulder which is very difficult to tolerate.

A doctor checkup is always suggested.

4. Social Anxiety

Being forced to use a cane for moving around, certainly gives pressure on our minds.

And that’s when social anxiety can grow.

This is a fear that doesn’t go away easily & affects daily lives & relationships.

People constantly worry about not being able to cope up with a society of their handicap.

5. Pain In Chest

Pain in chess is also another common side effect due to using unsuitable canes or using canes incorrectly.

The pain can result from pain in the muscle & joints as well.

And chest pain is very hard to tolerate, In this condition, a medical checkup is a must.

6. Pain In Back

Back pain is very common when using a cane for a long time using the incorrect technique.

Also, if the cane is not suitable for your height and it is too short, then you will need to bend down which will cause back pain.

Back pain can be excruciating and should be treated well.

7. Hand And Finger Numbness

Hand and finger numbness is sure to occur when you are using the cane for a long time.

If the cane doesn’t have a soft padding, it will cause pain to your fingers & joints.

Using a cane, you are always putting pressure on your hands & fingers and nerves in the arms.

You need to be careful & take a rest from using a cane.

8. Pain In Waist

Pain in waste is another common side-effect seen among many cane users.

Because they rely on canes, they often need to bend down to get things & they might need to bend down if the cane is not suitable for them.

Exercising and stretching & stopping the overuse of cane will help you in this regard.

9. Pain In Hip

Hip pain is also commonly associated with waist and shoulder pains as well.

Hip pain can also be caused by using and putting stress on a cane.

And if the cane is not being used properly, the body parts are sure to feel aching pain.

A suitable cane is the best option too.

10. Blisters On Hands

Blisters may appear on our hands after stressing our fingers & hands on the canes.

They might also appear if you are not wearing good gloves or a good pad on top of the canes.

Getting good padding & reducing over-use of canes and also wearing gloves will help to solve this problem.

11. Pain In Arm

Pain in the arm can surely happen as we are relying on our arms to use the cane.

So, the long-term usability of canes will surely stress our arms & cause pain in our arms and joints.

Pain in the arm can also occur if you are not using a suitable cane.

12. Pain In Elbow

We know that using canes requires us to use our joints & elbows.

So, when we are using canes, elbows are sure to feel aching pain due to overwhelming use.

Elbow pains are very painful because it is hard to move our hands & that will make our lives difficult.

13. Pain In Forearm

Pain in the forearm is a very common phenomenon like pain in the arm.

You are using both your arms and also elbows while moving around with the canes.

So, overusing canes and using unsuitable canes or using canes incorrectly is sure to cause pain in the hands & forearms.

14. Anxious Mood

Being forced to use canes to overcome our mobility problems, people in many cases develop many conditions.

People start to have anxious moods and social anxiety.

This kind of psychological pressure is never good for the mind & a quality comfortable life.

15. Pain In Wrist

Using a cane will place a large amount of strain through the hand & wrist and even elbows.

You will have difficulty using your wrist and fingers for any work.

Soft padding on top of canes and reducing strain on the cane by our wrists will help to reduce the wrist pain.

16. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

This is a very serious and common syndrome that has been reported to be caused due to repetitive stress disorders.

Chronic use of cane & other mobility devices forces people to develop wrist paints & nerve damage.

Taking care of our wrists by not putting strain will help much in overcoming this syndrome.


We have learned about the various dangers of using a cane from here.

These dangers greatly affect the quality of our life and health.

It is best to take proper care against these dangers from using the cane.

Everyone should learn the proper method of using a cane & buy the most suitable cane for themselves.

These side effects of using a cane are something that can’t be overlooked.

Further side effects and complications may arise from using an unsuitable cane for a long time.

We hope that we can warn you about the potentially serious consequences and that you should take proper steps in those regards.


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