Where To Find Cheap Underarm Crutches For Sale

Suffering from a leg injury and wondering about bought a crutch? We are here to help you purchase the most economical crutches available. Choose your favorite crutch and order now.

Where To Find Cheap Underarm Crutches For Sale Under $69

Here you can be shopping the top crutches available online for just under 69 dollars. Simply go through the list and choose the one to your liking.

Top 5 Comparison Overview

PreviewProductWeight (lbs)Capacity (lbs)Height Range
hugo mobility crutchesBest for knee injury: Hugo Mobility Crutches43004’6″ – 6’6″
drive medical crutchesBest for athletes: Drive Medical Crutches3.383505’8″ – 6’5″
millennial medical crutchesBest for foot surgery: Millennial Medical Crutches53004’6″ – 6’7″
dmi aluminum crutchesBest for broken leg: DMI Aluminum Crutches3.82504’6″ – 5’10”
medline underarm crutchesBest for traveling: Medline Underarm Crutches3.443005’2″ – 5’10”

Before find out what are the best underarm crutches? You need to know that there are many crutches available in different sizes, types, durability. Due to this people are often confused about which one they should buy. You must know the below information and then choose which one is perfectly suitable for you. Because all crutches have their pros and cons along with having different applications.

Our Full In-Depth Review

Best for knee injury: Hugo Mobility Crutches

hugo mobility crutches

Hugo Mobility crutches offer various features and ergonomic design ensuring maximum comfort and flexibility. Very suitable for everyday use and carry around anywhere due to its lightweight design. All of that comes at a very reasonable price and you can easily consider this as the best product for the value.

If you looking for both quality and economy this is your best bet. It offers much better features than most other crutches in the market in the same price range.

Features and Benefits


The crutches are manufactured from anodized aluminum. So, they are very light and compact and they will provide maximum flexibility. You can confidently go anywhere you like and move around like a champ.

Contoured Crutch Tips

A curved stair deflector is featured at the tips. This provides additional traction. the user can comfortably move around without having to worry about the tip sliding. A built-in metal ring is provided in the crutch to prevent premature wearing.

Durable Hand Grips

The handgrips are made from natural sponge cushioning. This allows for absorbing any impact or shock. It also provides perspiration resistance. So, it will assure maximum user comfort and make you feel lively again.

Thick Underarm Pads

The crutch features thick cushioned underarm pads. An integrated metal ring is provided as well to prevent the wearing of the pads. This ensures the durability of the pads without having to worry about damaging them.


  • Unique contoured design for Superior ergonomic comfort.
  • Very sturdy and quality product.
  • Solid and adjustable support good for indoors or out.


  • People weighing close to 300 lbs may find these uncomfortable.
  • Prolonged rough use may damage it.


This is the best product for the value. If you want a good quality product at a fairly reasonable price then this will be a perfect fit for you.

Best for athletes: Drive Medical Crutches

drive medical crutches

Drive Medical Aluminum Crutches are your best friend if you are looking for a long-term solution. Its ergonomic design and features will surely amaze you. You can easily adjust the crutches as you need and move around like a champ.

The durability and service life of the crutches will be more than what you can imagine in this price range. So, go for it if you are more into quality than value.

Features and Benefits

Heavy Duty

High-quality Underarm pads and handgrips are used in the crutches for long-lasting performance. The crutch also features a double extruded center tube which provides additional strength. So, you can use these crutches without any worries for a long period.

Highly Adaptive

The crutch has a wing nut adjustment feature for the handgrips. It also allows easy adjustment of the underarm pads with a tool-free push-button mechanism. So, you can simply adjust the crutch to your desired height for a more comfortable experience.

Lifetime Warranty

The crutches come with a limited lifetime warranty as well. So, you can rest assured about your product and keep rocking.

Thick and Latex-free padding

Thick underarm pads and handgrips are provided ensuring more durability. Those who are not a fan of latex pads will be pleased. As the product offers latex-free pads making it more comfortable.


  • Heavy-duty and durable that will last for a long time.
  • Ergonomic design assuring maximum comfort.
  • Premium adjustment features.


  • It is a bit expensive compared to others.
  • It is slightly heavier.


Drive Medical Aluminum Crutches may not be the cheapest among all, but it is still available within just a few dollars. If you are a permanent crutch user or need assistance for a long period this will be a better choice.

Best for foot surgery: Millennial Medical Crutches

millennial medical crutches

Life Crutch by Millennial Medical can be one of your best-supporting companions during the recovery time from the injury for its wonderful ergonomic design. Also, the articulating crutch tips let you walk on wherever you want.

Moreover, the height adjustment feature makes it a versatile one for people of different heights. If you are interested to know more about this crutch, keep reading for more information.

Features and Benefits

Ergonomic Design

The designers of the Life Crutch made the design so ergonomic which not only keeps your hand in a natural position but also eliminates wrist pain and relieves you from nerve damage as well. The wrist-support handles work fabulously to reduce the impact on the wrist and lower the chance of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Articulating Crutch Tips

The articulating crutch tips of the Life Crutch enable you to move on any kind of surface without any tension. Whether you are moving on a solid surface like hardwood floors, carpets, or uneven surfaces such as grass, gravel, or dirt, it provides you a secure footing in every step and excellent stability.

Strong Construction

The heavy-duty construction and light aluminum frame make the Life Crutch lightweight and durable. For this reason, the users find it very comfortable to use and it can also support up to 300 lbs. of weight.

Improved Handles

The design of the handles of the Life Crutch is improved by using tear-resistant nylon material which makes it very strong and perfect for long-time usage.

Adjustable Height

This Crutch comes with 19 different adjustable handle positions which makes it a suitable height for different people. As a result, it becomes a versatile product for men, women, or youth of any age.


  • Keeps hands and wrists in the natural position.
  • Secure footing and good stability.
  • Lightweight and Durable.


  • Pads of the handle may tear due to bad use.
  • Works best for short-term use of 4 weeks.


From the features and benefits section, you can that Life Crutch by Millennial Medical is very significant for its wonderful features of ergonomic design, adjustable height, articulating tips, and so on. You can pick this crutch up without any worry if you are in search of a quality one.

Best for broken leg: DMI Aluminum Crutches

dmi aluminum crutches

DMI Aluminum Crutch brings all the accessories in its package to provide you much comfort while you are using it during the recovery time from the injury. The fabulous crutch pads, soft handgrips, and slip-resistant tips keep you comfortable and safe every time you use them.

Now, all the features of this crutch are described in detail below.

Features and Benefits

Comfortable Accessories

These crutches are the most important companion during the recovery time of the injury, the designers of the DMI Aluminum Crutches designed it in such a way that it gives you much comfort. It includes comfortable crutch pads, handgrips, slip-resistant tips that will help you to get up and move comfortably around inside or outside of your house.

Convenient Push-Button for Height Adjustment

The most convenient feature of the DMI Aluminum crutch is its push-button which is provided for the height adjustment of the crutch. With help of this push button, users can adjust their height. Moreover, it fits great for various people’s height.

Easily Portable

The frame of this fabulous crutch is made with aluminum. For this reason, it becomes much lightweight. As a result, you can carry and move along with it very comfortably and easily.


Despite being lightweight, this crutch is extremely durable for its strong construction. It can support a weight of 250 pounds. Moreover, it works great for long-term use.


  • Comfortable crutch pads.
  • Slip-resistant.
  • Easy adjustment of height.


  • The rubber on the bottom may wear due to bad use.
  • Underarm pads may feel uncomfortable during first use.


DMI Aluminum Crutch provides you all sorts of comfort while using it with its wonderful convenient features. If you are injured and badly in need of a good quality crutch, this product would be a good choice for you.

Best for traveling: Medline Underarm Crutches

medline underarm crutches

Though it is almost like the old version, it comes with several enhancements to offer comfort. The Medline crutches come with perfect construction to encourage your movement.

Features and Benefits

Easy Maneuverability with Center Post Limits

This old-school design comes with I-beam construction along with center post limits. It allows maximum turning rotation of 14 which keeps the pushbutton in eyesight.

Safety Features to Move on the Stairs

There comes a virtually unbreakable deflector of sufficient length for safe movement over the stairs. Thus it reduces the slipping possibilities to increase the stress-tolerant to some extent.

Optimum Serviceability with Metal Ring

The built-in ring of metal induces sufficient strength to carry your loads. Apart from that, exterior finishing of good quality enhances serviceability for a long time.

Complete Accessory Without Assembly

These great crutches arrive being completely accessorized in the pack. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about folding or assembling the individual parts which relieves you from further hassle.


  • Superior quality aluminum imparts great durability and strength.
  • Unbreakable stair deflector induces safer movement across the stairs.
  • Prevents moisture actions and possible wear for the metal ring.
  • Facilitates easy adjustment by keeping the push-buttons insight.
  • Greater traction force along with non-skidding rubber tips at the bottom.


  • The handle height may seem to be quite short for many people.
  • The adjustment facility is insufficient in several cases.


Have the best mobility and support along with these crutches. They come with enhanced safety features for your movement.

Final Verdict

We tried to provide you a list of the top crutches available in the market that are also quite economical. The crutches listed above have their perks and losses. Each having unique features and conditions for usage.

So, make sure you read the reviews properly and choose the one that will meet your demands. Open up the browser and order your favorite crutch. Go out and show the world that an injury can’t hold you down. We wholeheartedly wish for your quick recovery.

We hope that the above information has helped you get some ideas about where to find cheap underarm crutches for sale for under 69 dollars.


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