How To Use Crutches Properly?

When you are unable to put your body weight over the legs due to injury or surgical purposes, you have to rely on crutches.

Moreover, if you want to make the best use of it, you have to learn how to use crutches correctly.

Improper usage will induce more significant pain and difficulty for your already stuck-up life.

How to Use Crutches Properly?

When it is about to move with crutches, you must have at least sufficient physical ability.

Higher body strength will allow you to move with further comfort and ease.

Apart from that, you have to maintain adequate body balance.

The right combination of stability and strength will enable you to make movements with much less effort.

Otherwise, you may have strength, but that will come of no use.

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Attaining New Crutches or Old Ones having Good Condition

use crutches

Choosing a suitable one is the prerequisite to get the most beneficial support.

Check out the entire construction to ensure its sturdiness, rubber padding on top for armpit resting being springy.

Again, choose the one having rubberized tips at the bottom.

Adjusting the Crutch Height

adjusting crutches height

You will find lots of crutches that will induce incredibly fitting for the injured body.

However, to make that happen, you must look into its supportive heights.

Different models provide various heights, and you must choose with care.

According to your body height, especially the leg and hand length, you need to make a choice.

Again, it is better to pick something allowing height adjustment.

Holding the Crutches with Perfection

holding crutches

This part contains a vast explanation.

As improper handling of the grips will induce discomfort and additional pain, you need to be careful.

The first padding of the crutch must not touch your underarm while moving.

Besides, the pad needs to be situated at 1.5-2” below your armpit.

These crutches will reduce stress over the arms to a great extent and relieve them from any weight-bearing.

Walking with the Crutches

how to walk with crutches

Try to make forward movement and placing of the tip at about 1’ ahead of the feet.

Provide your body weights on the handgrip and take a step forward along with your injured leg.

Then swing your body in the front direction and place the other leg on the ground to complete a one-step walking.

Continuous repeating will eventually allow you to go forward.

Sitting with the Crutches

sitting with crutches

Find a suitable place to place a sturdy chair to sit on.

The chair must not move or slide in the backward direction.

Back up a bit from the chair and grab both the crutches in one hand.

Then lean the crutches slightly and place the injured lower in front of your body.

Use your other hand to make yourself steady against the desired chair seat.

Then you may lower yourself to get an appropriate setting.

Climbing up the Stairs

going up the stairs with crutches

At first, you need to face the stair and hold the rails using one hand.

Try to tuck your crutches beneath the armpit on the opposite side.

Then step up through the non-injured foot keeping the injured one behind.

Lean on your crutches to go for the next step to make a proper fitting.

Then bring the injured leg from behind to the previous step.

It is better to take someone’s help to climb the stairs.

Further care is required if you want to climb any stairs having no handrail.

Going Down the Stairs

how to use crutches properly

It is quite similar to the climbing instructions; a just movement is downward.

You need to hold the pair of crutches under one armpit while use the other hand to grab the handrail.

Then start hoping down to the next lower step.

Without the handrail, the movement through the stairs is quite tricky and risky.

Therefore, try to find someone who will help hold your body and support you to climb up or go down the stairs.


If you are a beginner to learn how to use crutches properly, it would be great to have a friend or family member nearby.

They can help to make you steady and confident about getting used to the application.

There is no doubt that everything seems way too complicated especially when you have an injury.

Along with some tips and a bit of regular practice, you can quickly learn the usage of the crutches with optimum safety.


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