What Is The Best Baseball Game For PS4 2021

In every market of our states, you can’t find all the PS4 games and all versions available in their showcase. So it is better to order online rather than finding out MLB: The Show by searching from market to market.

What Is The Best Baseball Game For PS4 2021

Here we have analyzed and reviewed some baseball games for you. It would be wise if you choose to order online rather than going to market as you can’t find this game available anywhere in your neighborhood.

Top 5 Comparison Chart

PreviewName Of GamesUser AverageAvailable ModesPercent Of Likes Given Gamers
mlb the show 20MLB The Show 205.83Single and Multiplayer game88%
mlb the show 19MLB The Show 197.44Single and Multiplayer game87%
mlb the show 18MLB The Show 188.08Single and Multiplayer game86%
mlb the show 17MLB The Show 179Single and Multiplayer game80%
mlb the show 16MLB The Show 168.94Single and Multiplayer game92%

When you are going to purchase a game you can find various versions of the same game. And you will be confused about which version of the game is good to play.

So, before purchasing a game always try to gather more and more information about the game. Especially what is new in a certain version and what are the reviews of people who played the game. Thus you can choose what is the best baseball game for PS4 2021.

Our Full In-Depth Review

MLB The Show 20

mlb the show 20

If you play this version of the game on your PlayStation 4 then initially you will feel like playing the same game of version 2019.

But if you look closely and have spent much time playing this game we can find the differences in many areas of the game. Sony San Diego has made the gap of the previous versions omitted here in this game.


  • Renders of Facial expressions and faces are efficiently sharper.
  • More detailed Lightings.
  • More detailed Textures.
  • Field Animation is Beautiful.
  • More challenging fielding and batting.


  • Unchanged commentary section.
  • Franchise mode has not been expanded.
  • Leagues played in custom is more barebones.
  • A gap of creation of a ballpark buys players or gamers.
  • Textured in hair needs some upgrades.


By filling some gaps from the 2019 version it is a championship-caliber season for PSP4 gamers from the developer company of Sony San Diego Studios.

You can play this game version if you are addicted to the baseball game. It’s a good quality game that will give you an experience of baseball gaming from history.

MLB The Show 19

mlb the show 19

If you are here for a comparison between the 2019 version and the 2020 version, Then 2019 is miles better than the most updated 2020 version.

It will give you much more experience of dual games like 1VS1 gameplay where 1 is playing for pitch and another is playing for home runs. In short, this game is a package of an authentic experience of a baseball game in history.


  • Freshest and polished version of the series.
  • Best collector mode in video games of PS4.
  • It is good for players that have not played the franchise model.
  • Animations are good enough.
  • New modes like online-mode are also included.


  • Franchise mode seems not to be having any improvement.
  • Road to the show also needs many improvements.
  • Not much improved than the 2018 version.
  • The throwing machine is confusing in the case of a ground ball.


From some gamers’ view of this series of the game, they said not to buy the 2019 version if you have the 2018 version of this game. Rather if you are addicted to baseball games and also passionate about the updated version of graphics then you are most welcome to buy this version.

MLB The Show 18

mlb the show 18

MLB the show is a series of baseball games having upgrades in many gaps year by year. Having the most-in-depth features this game will provide you the experience of a baseball game with many modes and acknowledge you with the very basics of baseball games in reality.


  • Better Gameplay than every previous model.
  • Noticeable upgrades in visuals.
  • Diamond Dynasty has improved with many flexibilities.
  • Addition of more content.
  • Improvements in presentations.
  • The new look of the vault is much impressing.


  • Season mode is not there in this version.
  • Online Franchise mode has also been removed.
  • The creation of a Ballpark is absent.
  • The exhibition needs much concentration.
  • Animation rendering needs many improvements.


Despite having to lack features and also many missing modes it’s a much addicting game for baseball players. In short, having missed so many pieces it still holds the crown of being a good addicting game. Although heavily addicted fans of a baseball game will not appreciate this version of the game to buy.

MLB The Show 17

mlb the show 17

If you are new to a baseball game then this version of the game will give you a good experience of a baseball game with expanded missions and many rewards. Also with new live content. For a new baseball gamer, this is a basic game of knowledge that will give him or her a real-life idea about baseball.


  • Online Connectivity.
  • Ground rules seem to be realistic.
  • Gameplay innovations.
  • Improvement in graphics for that time.
  • Newly added game modes.
  • A lot of Technical issues have been patched from previous versions.


  • This version of the game Feels off.
  • Accessing the menu takes much time.
  • Still, this version is striving for perfection.
  • It has no remarkable differences from the previous versions.
  • Pitching is too much easy.
  • Batting is hard.
  • Problem faced with Bugs and unresponsive server.


As it’s an old version of the game so we won’t give you any advice on purchasing it. Although being an old version of the game it still encourages people to play a baseball game on PS4. So if you are new to this game, you can play it. But it would be great if you look for the most updated versions.

MLB The Show 16

mlb the show 16

This version of the game has been built on a strong foundation of MLB the show 15. And it worked as a torch for the Sony series to be a great developer game company for this era. This game encouraged people to buy the next versions of the game and to be in love with a baseball game.


  • Beautifully rendered.
  • Excellent lightings.
  • Ballparks look so addicting and good.
  • The crowds look great.
  • Improved “ball-off-the-bat physics”.
  • Impressive Franchise mood.
  • Online one to one battles is included with all modes.


  • You can’t lose more than twice the game or your team will be abandoned.
  • Players can cheat a little in this game.
  • Animations and rendering have to improve much.
  • Need more flexibility in batting and fielding.
  • The Mode named Conquest in this game is not that catchy.


Small in the ground scheme of various things is the main reason why this version of the game is not rated higher than it is now. As this is a much older version of the game it will be wise not to buy it. It would be much more effective and enjoyable if you go for the latest versions of the game.

Final Verdict

After knowing about all the versions, pros, and also cons of the versions, we hope you will be able to choose now what is the best baseball game for PS4 2021.

If you ask for a suggestion we will ask you to purchase MLB The Show 19 or 20. As two of the games are almost the same. But according to your budgets, analyzing the prices you should go for the one you want to play between these two.