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Ergobaum 7G Review

An injured person always looks for the recuperative process to accelerate their recovery. Our Ergobaum 7G review will surely help you, how you can recover soon without suffering unwanted shoulder pain, or hand/wrist pain. If you ever felt awkward using a crutch, these Ergobaum crutches are going to change your point of view by taking your experience to a new standard.

ergobaum 7g review

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Orthopedic surgeons design it. That’s why it not only maximizes your comfort as well as comes with a unique great look.

Furthermore, the spring-loaded shock absorbing facility by using a high-performance Ergocap Crutch tip, anti-noise lock ring, Crutch release, and height adjustment pin, adjustment forearm facility with a reflective band makes these crutches one of the best-advanced forearm crutches in the market. These 7th Generation crutches are light but stronger than the older versions from the same manufacturer. It comes with a wide variety of colors and has a folding facility.

The design is wholly built on focusing on patients highest comfort and functionality.

Fundamental Requirements to Use These Ones

To maximize your movement with comfort these crutches are made. They have a sturdy design with a gorgeous outlook. Orthopedic surgeons design these crutches. Ergobaum 7G crutches are build up with high-quality medical graded materials.

Now let’s take a short look at other fundamental requirements to use these crutches.

  • You will find an adjustable forearm strap with a reflective band which will amplify mobility and functionality with comfort.
  • These crutches weigh only 2.8 pounds each but can carry weight up to 360 pounds.
  • For using these advanced and super mobility crutches, you should have at least 5 feet high but not more than 6 feet 6 inches.
  • You will find safety light reflectors along with horn giving facility with these crutches. It allows maneuvering at night time also. This flashlight eases your ability to see your necessary things.
  • It is perfectly suitable for patients having a temporary injury or even for chronic conditioned patients.

Additional Features

  • Innovative Folding Technology

These crutches are equipped with 7th Generation Ergobaum folding technology to maximize your comfort as well as mobility. Either temporarily injured or having a chronic pain- these foldable technology fit with all your needs. Moreover, it ensures safety and provides super performance to the user.

  • Height Adjustable Feature

Along with its folding technology, the adjustable height facility makes these crutches stand out of the market. It comes with full grip handling position and fits for almost for all adults. With its well-engineered design, it can quickly provide a person having a height of 5 feet to 6 feet 6 inches. These fully adjustable crutches can lift weight up to 350 pounds. These are also one of the first fully adjustable crutches in the world.

  • Impact Reducing Shock Absorbing Facility

You will get an enhanced balancing experience with these crutches. The shock absorbing technology allows you to provide extra balance. Also, you will find built-in safety reflectors to keep your injured forearm safe. Ergocative patents this shock absorbing technology. The spring-loaded crutches will surely provide you with maximum comfort.

  • Built-In LED Lights and Horns

For walking in the dark, these crutches come with LED lights- this is the unique feature among other crutches. Moreover, the crutches are empowered by horns to keep you protected.

  • Available in 9 Different Colors

These crutches come with a wide variety of color choosing option. It is available in black, gray, blue, purple, red, gold, green, camo, and silver. From these options, you can choose according to your choice.


  • The medical graded built material ensures durability.
  • 7th generation folding technology allows better comfort and smooth movement.
  • No additional pain happens in should, arm, wrist or hand.
  • Advanced spring loaded shock absorbing facility helps to hit the ground safely.
  • Supports huge weight.
  • Easy height adjusting facility.
  • It is enabled with LED-flashlight and horn for easy maneuvering.
  • Different color options are available.


  • If you are looking for weak/medium load-bearing capacity crutches of your legs, then these crutches are recommended.
  • Not a great crutch for paralyzed lower limb patients.

Consumer Rating

Though orthopedic surgeons design these crutches and come with the most advanced technologies, many customers are highly satisfied after using them and voted 5-star. We have mentioned in this Ergobaum 7G Royal forearm crutches review that it’s not that great for paralyzed lower limb patients. It’s better to skip these crutches as the weight distribution in these crutches doesn’t work in that way. Thousands have used these crutches, and they found it beneficial.

It’s super comfy for patients who recently had hip or knee surgeries.

Market Price

Considering all the pros and cons of these crutches, it can be placed in high-priced ranges of crutches. However, NO! These crutches come with great features, made up of premium materials, equipped with unique technologies but still valued like the mid-range crutches.

To know the exact pricing of each pair consisting of 2 units of crutches you can visit here.

ergobaum 7g royal forearm crutches

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Final Words

Overall, these crutches focus on the best protection for your forearm by providing quick recovery. The 7th generation of this model had lots of unique features and equipped with advanced technologies. The spring-loaded shock absorber along with folding and heating adjusting facility makes these crutches stand out of the market.

Finally, these mid-range crutches can be your great companion throughout your recovery period.